• We got married in 1996. We had undergone so many treatments, but not succeeded in any of it. In 2007, we met Dr. Amit Patankar Dr. Amit sir gave us confidence. Dr. Amit told us about ICSI and on 18 February 2009 we did ICSI as per sir’s advice. We got a pretty girl on 18 October 2009. We and our family members are really very happy. We are really very grateful to Dr. Amit Patankar sir from bottom of our heart. He filled happiness in our non happening life. We are very much impressed by the friendly behavior of Dr. Amit Patankar sir and of course by the staff of the hospital. We will always pray for your goodness.
    Thank You.

    Patient’s Name: Deepa Verma

  • We have been married for 3 to 4 years but we haven’t got baby. So we were searching for the specialized doctors in Pune. Then we came to know about Dr. Patankar by our experienced friends and relatives. Took appointment and met the doctor. In the starting we did some tests as per doctor’s advice and from that reports he explained about the further treatments. After talking with the doctor we got the confidence of success and we decided to take treatment. Without any hurry treatment got started in step by step manner. In the earlier treatments we didn’t get success so doctor told us the final option. We extremely trust doctor so we accept it. With the blessings of god and proper treatment of doctor we g ot the positive result in 1 year. In the period of treatment all IPD and OPD staff, resident doctors helped us with care. Doctors are there for 24 hours. Before delivery I was paining but without doing any hurry doctor waited for the couple of days and then decided to do scissor. We got twins. And when we came to know that one is boy and another is girl then our happiness got doubled. Delivery happened before due date so, babies weight was less than the normal. So, by the doctor’s and paediatrician’s advice our babies got treated.
    We will always be grateful for the help of Dr. Patankar Hospital. As their new OPD get started I wish to god for the new established Hospital too.

    Patient’s Name: Jyoti Tamhanakar

  • Very Nice----!
    We have been married for 5 years. And we wanted to have a baby. This thing was not shared easily with anybody. I was scared because of our society.
    I came to know about Patankar Hospital from some of my friends. With shied and scared mind I had taken appointment of Dr. Amit. In the period of 10 minutes of waiting in the OPD I got ten thousand questions in my mind. I met Dr. Amit only for five minutes but I became little bit relaxed.
    I did some primary tests as per the treatment of Dr. Amit. With the result Dr. Amit explained us the Problems and the Solutions on that very clearly. He also told us about the expenses of the treatment. We decided to put one step forward. We went to the lab. With the positive attitude of the staff there our confidence increased. Very nicely they told us about the treatment. But unfortunately first treatment was failed. With very sad mind again we met Dr. Amit. He again gave us confidence. He also told us that how we could reduce the expenses of the treatment. He suggested some options for that. Dr. Amit always repeats a sentence “Bal he Honarach” and that build up confidence in my mind.

    Patient’s Name: Mrs. Swati Deepak Joshi

  • On 7th of March 2011 we both met with Dr. Amit Patankar for the first time. We were trying to have baby from last 13 years. We got treated at so many specialized doctors upto 2005 but didn’t succeed. So we stopped treatment. But in this year we had decided to take last chance. So came here, met doctor and got trust on him. From the 2nd day of meeting we got treated and 0n 4 April 2011 “GudhiPadawa” we came to know this sweetest news after such a long period. We didn’t believe it first; but it’s true.
    The behavior of all the Nurses, Doctors in this hospital is very nice and we don’t have any complaints. From long we awaited for the moment; we got the success in the first cycle. All the credit goes to god, Dr.Amit sir and you all.
    We are thankful from the bottom of our heart.

    Patient’s Name: Mayuri Bobhate

  • My Angel were born on 27.1.2016, just a year back I met Dr. Amit Patankar & Dr. Leena Patankar. I just want to say the job they do is most amazing but more that that there is an Emotional Touch to it. Thank You would not enough for what this place “PATANKAR Foundation “ has done for Shweta and my self.
    All staff fright from security personnel do their job really well.
    Lastly Thank You for giving our "Angels" we surely spread the word "Patankar Foundation Rocks".

    Patient’s Name: Shweta Amit Jawakar

  • In critical conditions also a treatment and quick decision of Dr. Amit Patankar and team result into a Normal Delivery and healthy beginning of a new life. Thank You very much for all the support and help in whole 9 month treatment.

    Patient’s Name: Mrs. Maheshwari Kapre