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    We are trying for a baby since past 6 months but no luck. What should we do?

    Assuming both the partners as normal with no use of contraception and adequate intercourse it may take 1 year to achieve pregnancy. You can relax and try for another 6 months but if you are above 30-32 yrs of age and also too anxious meet the doctor.

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    Which is the best period to conceive?

    Considering Day-1 as the day you start your periods, with regular cycles of 28-30 days, you have maximum chances of conception if you have intercourse from the 12th-20th day of the periods.

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    What is test-tube baby?

    Collection and culture of oocytes and sperms outside the human body in a specialized laboratory to create embryos and transferring them into the uterus to achieve pregnancy is called as test-tube baby.

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    What is the difference between IVF and ICSI?

    These two are the types of the techniques of the test-tube baby. In IVF, the sperms and the eggs are cultured together for a certain period so that the sperm fertilizes the egg on its own whereas in ICSI each egg is injected with a selected sperm so that the fertilization is achieved. (For details pls refer Treatment - IVF & ICSI)

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    What is the duration of the treatment of test-tube baby?

    The duration of the treatment last for about 2-3 wks. The Pretreatment work-up if necessary may require few more days before the actual treatement starts.

  • 6
    What is oocyte donation?

    This option is offered for those women who are incapable of producing their own eggs either because of the advanced age or because of the premature ovarian failure. Eggs are taken from a donor who is young and are fertilized with the husband’s sperms to form the embryos and transferred to the uterus of the recipient who gets the joy of pregnancy and delivery.

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    What is embryo donation?

    In some couples the embryos formed from the eggs and sperms of other individuals are transferred into the uterus of the female who longs to have a baby. This is like adoption before the birth of the baby.

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    Is pregnancy resulting from the test-tube baby treatment like any other pregnancy?

    Yes, ofcourse except for the fact that it has been achieved through extra and special efforts.

  • 9
    Does the baby born after the treatment of test-tube baby has increased chances of abnormalities?

    Pregnancies resulting from the natural conception also have chances of having the congenital birth defects. Those after the treatment of the test-tube baby have marginal increase of 2%.

  • 10
    How many times should anyone try IUI before moving on to IVF?

    The success rate of IUI is maximum 15-20% per cycle. So, once the patient has had 3-6 IUI cycles they might consider moving to IVF as the chance of success in IUI cycle is reduced.