ART laboratory

Patankar Fertility Solutions has the state-of-the-art ART laboratory with the specific areas dedicated to carry out the various procedures involved in the ART (Artificial Reproductive Techniques).

Entire floor is exclusively dedicated to carry out different ART Procedures. This avoids unnecessary crowd, helping to maintain the privacy as well as sterility.

Quality Control And Quality Assurance.

Our ART Lab is well equipped with the most advanced and latest version of equipments necessary for all ART procedures. Proper functioning of the equipments and Maintenance of laboratory culture conditions are most importance to get the best results and we, at Patankar fertility solutions take every effort to do so by doing not only In house maintenance on daily basis but also periodic maintenance from the certified External agencies.

All the procedures are carried out as per the ICMR Guidelines.

ART Lab has following sections

Non Sterile zone
  • Counseling Cell
  • Patients waiting area
  • Collection Room
Semi-Sterile Zone
  • IUI Room
  • Cryopreservation Room
Sterile Zone  
  • Andrology Laboratory
  • Operation Theatre
  • Embryology Laboratory
Counseling Cell

In this Counseling is done to all the patients undergoing the treatments of infertility. The patient education material is also available.

Collection Room

There is a separate room with adequate privacy for the collection of the semen. Semen needs to be collected for the purpose of the semen analysis, semen processing for IUI as well as IVF and ICSI and also for the cryopreservation i.e. freezing. For patients who are not able to give semen sample by masturbation, vibrator facility is also available.

Andrology lab

The Andrology lab is utilized to carry out all the procedures related to the semenology. The lab is equipped with following Equipments

1) Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA)

This is the machine which analyse the semen parameters through computerized Programmers.

This works beyond human eyes with more details and precision.

It analyses motility (exact speed), exact dimension of the sperm and differentiates between alive and dead sperms.

Sperm DNA fragmentation by computerized programme

We, at Patankar fertility solutions Pvt Ltd have latest version of CASA.


2) Laminar Air Flow

It gives highly purified air and surface maintained with temperature of 37 ℃ for Handling semenological procedures.


3)CO 2 Incubators:- Hera cell 150i

It is used for the incubation of the sperm. It provides physiological Conditions, maintaining the temperature of 37 ℃ and CO2 at desire percentage.


4) Spermfuge

This is an advanced type of centrifuge which is used to process the Semen for IUI, IVF-ICSI. It maintains the temperature of 37 ℃ through the Process. It is fully automatic machine which takes care of the sperms very well doing minimum harm.


5) Microscope

Latest version of microscope will gives us good resolution and magnification which is helpful to analysethe semen parameters very well.


Operation Theatre

This operation theatre is dedicated only for the Procedures related to ART i.e. oocyte Retrieval, Embryo transfer,testicular biopsy, embryo reduction, etc. Being utilized only for such procedures, the Microorganism-free environment is maintained.

Embryology Laboratory

Embryology laboratory is the heart of any ART programme. To achieve maximum Success rate, the culture conditions of the lab have to be maintained properly and Consistently. The ART Lab is under microbiological surveillance in which there is periodic checking of the growth of contaminating micro- organisms. We, at Patankar Fertility Solutions, are proud to say that our heart is in a very healthy condition and so is able to give the maximum results. It is equipped with

1) Laminar Air Flow

All the handling of the gametes and the embryos is carried out inthe laminar flow

Which maintains the emission of the pure air, the surface is heated at 37 ℃, the Microscope and the incubator are kept right inside the laminar flow. This provides the Optimum conditions for the gametes and the embryos.


2) Incubators

Incubators provide optimum culture conditions for the proper growth of the embryos. In our laboratory we have total 6(4 –CO2 incubators,2-Trigas )Incubators. This has few advantages example-load (embryos, gametes and media) is distributed separately so that exposure will be reduced to minimum as the frequent opening and closing of the incubators is avoided. This way gametes, embryos are cultured in optimum conditions undisturbed CO2 Incubators:-2-Heracell 1-Smart cell 1-Labotect

CO 2 Incubators



1-Smart cell




Trigas Incubators


These incubators give the same physiological concentration of CO2 and O2 outside the human body and maintain at 37 ℃ temperature CASA


Advance and each chamber is separated from each other and controlledseparately . It provides minimum exposure to other compartments.CASA

3) Micromanipulator with Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected sperm Injection(IMSI)

We have latest version of Olympus-Narashige Micromanipulator

Micromanipulator use to prefer ICSI(Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection),Assisted Hatching, Embryo biopsy.Evaluation of gametes, embryos and Blastocysts

It is attached with IMSI which gives the best Evaluation of sperm for injection (example- Vacuole inside sperm) and all other organelles of spermatozoa


4) Air Purification Untis

Air quality is very important in ART Laboratory as it is important to mimic the conditions similar to the inside of human body. This is achieve with the help of positive pressure unit. Blowing the fresh particle free and VOC free air inside embryology lab through positive pressure module.

Inside the laboratory NASA technology Airocide unit is installed which gives sterile air for removal of volatile organic compound(VOC) example. Alcohols inside the laboratory Aero500 unit is Installed. It absorbs VOC and gives VOC free air. These contain filter (HEPA, KMno4,CODA)which plays important role in filtering the air and need to Change periodically

IUI Room

There are 2 insemination rooms for IUI with adequate privacy. The processed semen is Inseminated under all aseptic precautions and the patient can rest for a while.


Cryopreservation Room

In this room we preserve the sperms, the embryos and the eggs, too. We have the Planer, which is used for the slow freezing and the CMV kit which is used for the rapid cooling i.e. vitrfication. The gametes and the embryos are maintained in liquid nitrogen at -196°C preserving their reproductive potential for years together. We are consistently getting more than 35% results with our Frozen-thaw cycles.For this we have separate cans for semen which capacity storing the semen of around 4000 patient’s Semenstorage at a time. Separate cans for the storage of embryos. Quarantine cans are also maintained separately for specific cases.


USG is the most important tool in the management of the infertile couples.It is used in many different ways.

  • Base line USG
  • Follicular monitoring
  • ColourDoppler
  • Other Uses of USG
  • Ovum pick-up
  • Embryo Transfer
Base line USG

Baseline USG helps in the diagnosis of various conditions like fibroids, uterine polyps, PCOD, various anomalies of the uterus like septate uterus, didelphus uterus .
It is also done for the AFC i.e. Antral Follicular Count so that the response to the injection can be predicted and the treatment protocol can be decided for the patients undergoing IVF/ICSI.

Follicular monitoring

It is very important to know the response of the simple treatment like ovulation induction in cases of PCOD or very advanced treatment like COH (Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation) in IVF and ICSI. The response is judged by counting the number of follicles developed,to know if the ovulation has occurred or not, if not then the trigger is given with the help of a injection and also to know the thickness of the endometrial. In cases of IVF and ICSI cycles, the monitoring is done to know the response of the injections being given and adjusting the doses accordingly, to schedule the timing of the ovum pickup or oocyte retrieval and to know the endometrial thickness.


Doppler has limited but definite role in the infertility management.
It is also sometimes used in the treatment of IVF/ICSI or to diagnose ectopic pregnancies.

Other Uses of USG

Ultrasound is used for ovum pick up as well as embryo transfer in cases of IVF and ICSI.
We at Patankar Fertility Solutions have the best USG machines. Also USGs are performed throughout the day to suit the patients needs.

Ovum pick-up

For the Ovum pick-up a needle is attached to the transvaginal probe which is then guided into graffian follicle under ultrasound guidance. After entering into the graffian follicle negative pressure is applied to the needle which aspirates the oocyte (egg) with the ultrasound guidance the procedure of ovum pick up has become extremely easy and takes only 15-20 minutes.

Embryo Transfer

We at Patankar Fertility Solutions do all the embryo transfers under USG guidance as it helps in exact placement of embryos in the uterine cavity.


Hysterosalpingography or HSG as it is commonly known as, is a simple, non invasive, not very costly method to know about the patency of the fallopian tubes. It also gives us the idea about the congenital anomalies of the uterus.

It is done in the post menstrual period i.e. on the 7th/8th/9th day of the menses (day 1 is considered as the day the periods begin). In this, a dye is instilled through the cervix i.e. mouth of the uterus. It fills up the cavity of the uterus and the fallopian tubes and if the tubes are patent, the dye is spilled in the abdominal cavity otherwise the blocks can be diagnosed as the dye cannot move beyond the level of the block.

2-3 X ray films are taken. However ovaries are not seen on the x ray. Also the exterior of the uterus and tubes the tubo-ovarian relationship cannot be seen on x-ray.

Pathology laboratory

A full fledged pathology lab, is run by Dr. Chinmay Saraf and his team.

A full-fledged pathology lab on the 2nd floor is well equipped with the latest instruments and equipments for the investigations.

Apart from the routine blood investigations special investigations like hormone assays PCR for TB, (tuberculosis) histopathology, chromosomal analysis are also done so that we get results quickly.

Cozy and comfortable stay

At Genesis we have taken every effort to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, be it the waiting for the consultation or the hospitalization for the purpose of the various procedures. You can enjoy the comforts of A/C, listen to your favourite music, go through the magazines or the variety of information related to infertility.

We have private rooms, semiprivate rooms as well as general ward to cater all the needs of patients.

  • Private Room
    • Fowler bed
    • Attendant bed
    • Attached bathroom
    • Phone
    • Air conditioning
    • Cable TV
    • Wardrobe
  • Semiprivate Room
    • Accommodates 2 patients
    • Attached bathroom
    • Wardrobe
  • General Ward
    • Accommodates 3 patients
    • Attached bathroom
    • Wardrobe

Team spirit

Team spirit is our culture and the success mantra! We have the excellent team with each one knowing the job and the responsibility towards the patients perfectly. The consultants, assistants, embryologists, nurses and aayas work in perfect harmony to give the best to the patient. Each team member keeps the knowledge and skills updated so as to pass on the benefits to the patients.